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Christopher Columbus was born in:




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vivaiberia - Good Intentions Might Provide Opportunity for All

As professionals in the translation and localization industry, all of us are always looking for opportunities to provide our services. Recent developments in Spain and Portugal could give rise to new, promising prospects for all of us. Find out how

vivalanguages  - Translation "Error" Leaves Kids Out in the Cold

We are all aware of the importance of adapting content so as to make it linguistically and culturally appropriate for a particular locale. Well, maybe not all of us. Brazilian children under the age of 12 will not be able to see the film Madagascar due to an "error" in translation. Find out what happened

vivaculture - The Siesta: A Portuguese or Spanish Invention?

Is the Siesta a blessing or curse? I guess it depends on whether you are trying to squeeze in some shopping in Spain between 2 and 5 p.m., or whether you too indulge in this socially endorced productivity boost. But, who decided that this might be a good idea?. Where did it all start

vivapress - Customer Confidence Continues to Fuel Record Growth

Viva Translations recently announced a 68% increase in sales in 2005, year to year. Viva attributed the impressive results not only to the continued confidence that its current indirect and direct customers have placed in the company, but also to its ever-increasing client base. Find out more

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