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Choosing the right language supplier for your needs

What criteria should I use in an in-house vs. outsourcing decision?

What criteria are important when choosing an external language supplier?

Why use a full-servic language provider?

Why should I choose Viva Translations?

What do you mean by "We give you our word"?

What criteria should I use in an in-house vs. outsourcing decision?
Sometimes having translations done in-house makes sense. Probably the most important criteria is how important the quality and integrity of the translation is to achieving company or departmental objectives. Naturally, outward-facing materials would command a higher priority, where the organization is concerned with the image that it projects. In general though, in-house translations should have the following conditions in place:

- A mother-tongue speaker of the target language, with experience in translation and the subject matter, will perform the translation. The fact that an employee speaks the language is not sufficient; take a look at website versions in your language, for example, to see for yourself.

- His or her main responsibility is translation, or if not, the opportunity cost of doing the translation is acceptable (Will he/she be taken away from his/her main responsibilities? Will the cost of his/her time be inferior to that of dedicated professionals? Will it be done as quickly as needed, keeping in mind that this task may be interspersed with others?)

- At least one person, but preferably two, reviews and edits the translation (How often have you written a document, only to find mistakes when you reread it, and reread it again to find more?)

- The same person will be available to do similar translations in the future to ensure consistency in terminology, style and tone.

- Translation technology is used to save time and money, as well as to ensure consistency in terminology within and across texts.

- Skilled personnel are available to do the page layout. This is all more important for PowerPoint presentations, and even more so for material produced in desktop publishing tools such as QuarkExpress, Illustrator, PageMaker and others, that may require additional formatting due the expansion rate of many foreign languages.    top

What criteria are important when choosing an external language provider?
We have prepared a checklist of criteria that you can view and keep for future use at vivadownloads.    top

Why use a full-service language provider?
A full-service language provider is your one-stop shop for all services necessary to execute your globalization strategy, including professional translation services, software engineering, Desktop Publishing, and expert project management. You benefit from the combined expertise and know-how of a group of dedicated professionals, a comprehensive and rigorous translator selection process, proven and scalable processes and an ISO-certified quality management system.    top

Why should I choose Viva Translations?
Viva Translations leverages 19 years of translation experience and combines a unique ISO-certified quality management system with an extensive team of experienced, native-tongue language professionals to consistently provide our customers with fast, reliable and effective language services at prices they can afford.    top

What do you mean, "We give you our word"?Integrity is one of the cornerstones in any relationship. Viva Translations views its relationship with each and every customer as a partnership, one that has to be based on trust. Many speak of quality, but few deliver. When we say that we use only experienced, native-tongue, and domain-specific translators and editors, it is because we do. When we say three separate experienced professionals will review your translation, it is because they will. When we give our word on any of our guiding quality principles, we follow through on our commitment. That is why our motto is "Quality. We give you our word."    top

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