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Native, specialized, experienced professionals
Viva Translations works with only the best linguists, experts and professionals who are passionate about adding value to our clients and who share our commitment to quality, integrity and customer focus.

Our team is comprised of over 400 experienced professionals that work exclusively into their native language and in their area of expertise. Before being tested, any candidate must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Have at least 3 years of full time translating, editing, writing, localization, interpreting, voice-over or desktop publishing experience
  • Work exclusively into their native language
  • Possess a university/college degree in their area of expertise and/or translation
  • Work with the latest in translation tools and software
  • Have at least 2 reference which can be contacted
  • Are willing to take a test which will be assessed by at least 2 evaluators
  • Are dedicated, professional, accurate, punctual and responsible
  • Are able to handle quick turnaround in a high-quality, deadline-driven and customer-focused environment

If these criteria have been met and if the candidate passes the testing/evaluation phase, they are given a “pending approval” status until they have completed three jobs that have been favorably evaluated by a senior editor. After they have been approved and during their collaboration with Viva Translations their work will undergo regular spotchecks, on average 1 for every 3 jobs, to ensure the consistency of their quality.

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