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Three step quality verification
Viva Translations guarantees that all translation projects undergo at least three quality verification steps.

An experienced, native-tongue linguist that has proven experience in the subject matter translates the text. He/she proofreads the translation for accuracy, consistency, grammar and spelling.

A separate experienced, native-tongue linguist that has proven experience in the subject matter, paying particular attention to the accuracy, consistency and suitability to the intended audience edits the translation.

Verification and Approval
The assigned project manager completes the quality cycle with a final verification for terminology consistency and formatting, in addition to confirming that all customer comments, suggestions and issues have been taken into account. The project is approved if all the quality conditions have been met and promptly delivered to the client.

Added Quality Assurance
Additional quality assurance, if appropriate, can also be performed. For example, when the text is formatted, either by Viva Translations or the client, we suggest an additional proofreading step to ensure the integrity of the final document. We also recommend in-country reviews of localized content, which may result in feedback that can be incorporated into a final version of the project.

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