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Qualified Project Managers
A qualified, experienced and above all, customer-focused project manager is assigned to every project. It is their job to provide the customer with peace of mind by shielding them from the project complexities and minimizing their involvement.

In order to deliver the level of quality service that our customers have come to expect, each member of Viva Translations’ in house project management team is skilled in managing the three pillars of any project – talent, process and technology.

Viva project managers are not only customer-focused, but also supplier-focused. They need to manage a team of over 400 professionals that span 5 continents and 20 time zones. They ensure that the appropriate professionals are assigned to your project. And, when you need the same translator who worked on your previous project, they make sure he or she is available.

Viva project managers have it easy, as they are guided by an extensive set of ISO-certified and documented workflow processes that incorporate 19 years experience serving customers like you. Designed to meet individual customer and project requirements, our processes structure everything they do, from recruiting professionals to estimating, scheduling and supervising, and all the way down to delivering the project.

Viva project managers use the latest in technology, not only to make their and your job easier, but also to ensure the quality, integrity and consistency of the translations that we deliver. Their experience spans over a variety of glossary, terminology and translation management software, as well as our internal workflow management application that has been enhanced over the the past 5 years to enable us to serve you with speed, reliability and ease.

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