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Terminology Management
Viva Translationsí terminology management brings clarity, consistency and accuracy to your multilingual communications. By identifying, capturing and reusing the unique words and phrases that describe your products, services and organization, you will be able to consistently communicate with your employees, customers and partners with one voice.

According to each customerís requirement, Viva Translations recommends a structured approach to terminology management that can include one or more of the following initiatives:

  • Meeting with the client to determine the scope of their terminology needs and to evaluate the potential benefits of standardization
  • Reviewing and reusing existing glossaries or other documentation that can serve as the beginning of a continuously growing terminology base
  • Establishing an approved translation for each communication-critical word and phrase for each required language
  • Establishing an update and approval process for any new terminology to be added to the base

Translation Memory
Viva Translations creates, updates and manages translation memories to complement terminology management. By leveraging approved terminology and previously translated material, our clients benefit from:

  • Increased quality of translations, as terminology is consistent within and across texts, throughout the company
  • Reduction in delivery times, as repeatable text doesnít need to be translated manually
  • Increased cost savings, as previously translated material can be leveraged
In other words, you receive better quality, faster and at lower cost.

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