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Knowledge Management
Viva Translations treats every customer relationship with a view to a long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnership. Starting with your first contact with Viva, we begin implementing practices designed to leverage existing information so that we can serve you faster, with better quality and at lower cost.

Internal Management Knowledge System
Leveraging 19 years experience and 5 years of continuous improvement, our knowledge management system facilitates streamlined workflow processes and captures every detail relating to customers, their projects and applied resources. In this way we can anticipate your needs by, for example, having our system “remember” and recommend which professionals previously worked on similar subject matter. The result – better quality service, better quality translations.

Terminology/Translation Memory Management
While performing the work you have entrusted us, we are capturing the translations in terminology and translation memory technology that can then be reapplied to future projects so that we can deliver the quality you expect, faster and at lower cost.
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Single Point of Contact
From the moment you contact us, you are assigned a project manager who serves as your single point of contact throughout our relationship. Using their knowledge of you, your projects and your organization along with their experience with talent, process and technology, they provide you with answers, suggestions and yes, even questions designed to enhance your relationship with Viva Translations.

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