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Guaranteed Deadlines
Viva Translations’ extensive team of language professionals, streamlined ISO-certified processes and experience provide our customers with the comfort in knowing that they will be receiving exactly what they need, when they need it.

Establish Expectations
Your project manager analyzes your requirements up front based on all phases of the project, which may consists of translation, editing, proofreading, formatting, in-country review and final approval. We use pre-defined, standardized methods and calculations, which result in a deadline that is quality-driven, firm and the most economical.

Offer Alternatives
In some cases the proposed deadline, which is based on allocating one unique resource for each phase of the project (ie. one translator, one editor, etc.), may fall outside your desired timeframe. Is so, we propose alternatives that ensure that your required deadline is met. This may require using more than one translator (but always one editor to ensure consistency) or working outside business hours (overnight, weekends, etc.). We present you the alternatives, their pros and cons, and you decide.

Exceed Expectations
Our project managers are encouraged to exceed expectations by delivering the project before the agreed deadline. In fact, a recent analysis of our execution rates showed that we delivered 40% of our jobs before deadline. Quality, we give you our word.

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