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Fast Track Service
Viva Translations understand that sometimes you need your translation yesterday. In order to respond to last minute needs, our Fast Track service provides our customers same-day or overnight delivery (sorry, we canít do it for yesterday).

Thanks to our network of over 400 language professionals spanning 5 continents and 20 time zones, our streamlined, ISO-certified processes and the full use of the latest in technology, your texts can be quickly translated, even while you sleep. For example,

We receive a press release in Portuguese, by fax, to be translated into English.
The project manager responsible for the client assigns the same translator and editor who have worked on this clientís marketing material in the past, and sends the source file, translation memory, translation quality checklist and any special instructions to both.
18h00 (13h00 in New York)
The translator starts working on the project and delivers the files via email to the editor before the agreed deadline. He also sends the files to the project manager (who is asleep by this time) along with the translation quality checklist filled out and signed.
00h00 (16h00 in San Fransisco)
The editor starts editing the file that she has just received from the translator and when finished delivers, via email, the edited file, translation memory and quality translation checklist (filled out and signed) to the project manager (who is still asleep).
The project manager (now awake) checks the translated document consistency of terminology, spelling, grammar, formatting and verifies that special instructions have been followed. He approves the project and delivers it to the client via email before the agreed 10h00 deadline.
The client, satisfied with the quality of the translation and with the standard rate applied due to all work being done within normal business hours, sends the press release to its UK office in time for the press conference later that morning.

P.S. Although the press conference was held in the UK, the client requested the translation in American English given the nature of the target audience.

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