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Viva Translations understands that products and services are more likely to succeed when tailored specifically to the locale or culture in which they are marketed. Our localization services focus on the particulars relating to a specific locale, using “locale experts” to ensure successful adaptation to the target culture.

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We pay particular attention to details such as time zones, date formats, currencies, national holidays, color sensitivities, icons, product or service names, geographic or culturally specific examples, and gender issues to name a few. Viva takes the care to address these critical issues because we know that our success in the project is critical to your success.

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Our localization team works closely with software and design engineers to ensure that the target text is compatible with different platforms and operating systems. Whether you need a few resource files for a new version, or a fully tested final product for simultaneous release, we are committed to providing you with a quality service that consistently meets and often exceeds your expectations.

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