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Viva Translations’ experience has shown that our customer language needs cross over a variety of media types. Most often they need to have their translated document look and feel like the original. But some also need their translated material dubbed onto a training video. Others require an automated voice system in a number of languages. And some need to have their videos subtitled. Whatever the requirement, Viva Translations delivers with the level of quality that flows through all our services.

Desktop Publishing
Viva Translations can provide you with professional, print-ready materials in any format. We assume the challenges at this stage of the project, for example multi-byte or bi-directional languages, sort orders, indexing, and font issues to name a few, to produce your document in FrameMaker, InDesign and PageMaker, Quark Xpress, Publisher, Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel, among others.

Voice Over Recording
Multimedia localization is a highly complex process, from translation of on-screen and dubbed text, through recording and post-processing, to integration of the finished product.

Viva Translations simplifies this task for you by assembling professional native speaking voice artists, highly-skilled sound and studio engineers and experienced multi-language directors, in a fully equipped, state-of-the-art recording studio to produce the final product in any format.

Subtitling goes beyond simply translating words from one language to another. Effectiveness comes from the adaptation of one set of cultural references and idiomatic phrases into those of another culture.

Viva Translations uses highly skilled and qualified team of in-country, native language professionals to deliver subtitling files for you to encode, or if you prefer we provide you the encoded or burnt subtitle masters.

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  Viva Translations today announced its 5th year anniversary in Portugal

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