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Viva Translations is committed to quality, continuous improvement and customer focus. As a result, we created the Viva Customer Satisfaction Program, which includes regularly surveying our customers to determine how we can better serve them. In the last edition, 85% of those responding classified our service as Excellent.

Our goal - 100% satisfaction.

Some also took the opportunity to describe our service in the following words:

"Quality, attentive and efficient customer service" MediaHealth

"Competent, effective and fast"  Sovena

"Translations with rigour"  United Creative

"Impeccable - excellent"  Superfute

"Fast, available and effective"  O Cubo

"Professional and flexible"  Desigual

"Efficient and effective"  Consultório

"Quality service"  Schering Plough

"Very efficient"  Vetlima

"Efficient and fast"  Texto Editores

"Reliable and fast"  Academia de Trindade

"Speed and efficiency in delivering"  Compta

"Obliging and attentive, with a good dose of friendliness and flexibility"  Desigual

  Clients Again Classify Viva’s Service as Excellent
  Viva Translations today announced the results of its 2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey
  Viva Donates Savings to Charity
  Viva Translations today announced its donation of holiday card savings to charity
  Viva Celebrates 5 Years in Portugal
  Viva Translations today announced its 5th year anniversary in Portugal

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