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Clients Again Classify Vivas Service as Excellent (14/09/2009)

Viva Translations, a leading Iberian language provider, today announced the results of its 2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The annual questionnaire is designed to identify areas for improvement, provide customers an additional vehicle for feedback and evaluate their level of satisfaction.

Companies responding from the Airline, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, Energy, Hygiene, Information Technology, Legal, MarCom, Pharmaceutical, Public Service and Retail industries, to name a few, produced the following results:

  • 96% of respondents classified the quality of Viva’s service as Excellent or Very Good (rating the company’s speed, efficiency, added value, meeting of deadlines, etc.)
  • 91% of respondents classified the quality of Viva’s customer relations as Excellent or Very Good (rating the company’s availability, friendliness, capacity to meet client requirements, etc.)

Viva’s customers also take this opportunity to provide comments. The following small sample highlights and summarizes what Viva provides to its clients:

  • Excellent service!Ciclum Farma
  • Excellent service and rigorous observance of agreed deadlinesSTAP
  • Very much in sync with our needs” - GlaxoSmithKline
  • A very good, fast and efficient serviceSCA Hygiene
  • Very satisfied with work performed by Viva TranslationsBristol-Meyer Squibb
  • Effective, fast, precise, punctual and always available for our urgenciesLusofona University
  • The quality of Viva Translations’ services, supported by its availability and proactivity, suits our needs within a multilingual market contextSATA Airlines

For more customer feedback, please click here

Viva's Managing Director commented on the impressive results by saying, "Everyone at Viva Translations and our 300+ linguists greatly appreciate this recognition of their hard work, integrity and commitment to providing nothing less that what our customers expect - Quality."

About Viva Translations
Viva Translations is a leading Iberian language service provider that leverages 23 years of translating experience and combines an ISO-certified quality management system with a worldwide team of native-tongue, experienced language professionals to provide its customers fast, reliable and effective language solutions.

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